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Jiří Šimeček - Developer

Hi, I'm Jiří. I'm developer of web and desktop focused Applications.

About me

I am 20 years old student from Czech republic. I graduated from IT focused high school this year. I love computers, cars, and beer. I live in small village near Aussig which is about 100 kilometers away from Prague.

I was 12 when I managed to create my first web page. When I was busy by playing games with friends I learned basics of C just to be able to edit and make my own game modes for GTA SA. I was working on game hosting system (PHP and Linux) after some time at SA:MP scene (I was about 14 years old). I've been creating desktop apps in Java and C# since my first year at high school. I'm interested in 3D graphic world and OpenGL. Currently I am learning C++.

My current projects

I do not have any big projects right know, you can check my repository to see older or less important projects of mine.

I have small amount of side website projects, e. g.





You can always find me on email:
Or you can use any of these communication channels: Twitter, GitHub, Steam, Reddit, Google+